What’s life like at The Woodlands at Furman? The answer to that question is as diverse as our dynamic residents. For a glimpse into what it might be like to call The Woodlands home, follow along as we present one snapshot of a hypothetical “day in the life” of a resident at The Woodlands.

Breakfast and Beyond

You begin the day with a light breakfast in your fully-equipped kitchen and then Total Body Exercise, a low-impact wellness session that gives you plenty of energy for a jam-packed schedule. After a shower, you meet friends in the Evergreen Lounge for Coffee and Conversation. After your coffee, there’s a group outing for shopping at the local Publix. Since you picked up the essentials earlier in the week, you stick around to gather with members of the Rotary Club for a quick meeting.

A Medley of Mid-Morning Activities

Rather than heading back to your new villa for mid-morning relaxation, you decide to take advantage of some of the offerings The Woodlands has for people with active lifestyles. It’s hard to pick between a seated exercise class in the Camellia Room and a Balance and Core Training gathering in the Rose Room, but you decide to skip your second workout of the day. Instead, you head to the Arts and Crafts Room to share your skills with the Sewing for Others group.

In or Out for Lunch

A welcoming space for both casual meals and fine dining, the Evergreen Dining Room and Lounge beckons at lunchtime. With a craving for traditional country cooking, you eye the options on the daily buffet, which offers everything from slow-cooked beef to boiled catfish. Today’s menu includes your favorite: chicken and dumplings. Since you worked out, the cinnamon Oreo sundae proves too tempting to resist. While you’re savoring your last spoonful, you peruse the à la carte menu and make a plan for the rest of the week. You might try wild-caught salmon tomorrow or opt for a delicious classic like chicken salad on a brioche bun.

On your way out, you hear friends planning a group lunch for the weekend. They’re debating the merits of the signature Reuben sandwich at Karrie’s Deli & Pub, only a six-minute drive from The Woodlands at Furman. Someone suggests Sidewall Pizza Company and the debate instantly expands to options like Farmhouse Tacos, Sushi Yama, and, inevitably, downtown Greenville’s plethora of choices just 15 minutes away.

An Active Afternoon

After lunch, you could decompress with some yoga in the Rose Room but that lunch debate has you leaning towards something more competitive. Maybe canasta in the Media Room? Mahjong and Bridge in the sun-filled Orchid Room or Dave’s Trivia Happy Hour in the Evergreen Lounge also sound enticing. In the end, your toe starts tapping and you soon forget about anything but sitting down to live entertainment. Though you have enjoyed the Prime Time Tappers and stage performances by local theater troupes on other afternoons, the Rusty Buckets Band seems hard to beat today.

Down Home and International Dining

Under the helm of Executive Chef Evan Faucette, evening meals take classic French cuisine and infuse influences from across the globe. You could savor steamed rice with julienned, stir-fried vegetables or the Berliner beef roulade with pickle, bacon and mustard. Instead, you decide to keep it simple with a grilled cowboy burger with sautéed onions. One look at the homemade blueberry pie is enough to convince you to indulge in dessert.

Evening Entertainment

In the evening, the options for off-site and on-site activities seem endless. There’s an excursion to catch a live ballet performance at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts, but you’re already booked for a traveling Broadway musical at the Peace Center later in the week. You consider one of the excellent plays at the Warehouse Theatre, but you’re feeling like a quiet night at The Woodlands. You grab a bowl of popcorn and settle in with your fellow movie lovers for a screening of a classic film.

Once the movie ends, you decide to call an end to a fun, busy day. Surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature, The Woodlands at Furman offers serenity for a perfect night’s rest. Sleep well… It all starts again tomorrow!

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