Who better to talk about The Woodlands at Furman than those who experience it every day? Here’s what some of our residents and staff have to say about enjoying life here.

David Johnson, resident since 2011
Desiree McCrary, Skilled Nursing Unit Manager
Vickie Covington, resident since 2013

"My favorite aspect of living at The Woodlands at Furman is the friendliness of the other residents and employees!"

Martha Johns, First Lady to former Furman University president, Dr. Johns

“Our residents come from all over and they know what they like. We love creating meals that satisfy them. We even take suggestions for dishes and do our best to incorporate them into the menu.”

Amelia Scheidhauer, Executive Chef

“The idea of continuing care was appealing. We don’t have children, and it gave us a sense of security that if something were to happen we would have care here.”

David Johnson, resident since 2015

“I come to work every day to put a smile on my residents’ faces; to make a difference. We’re family here.”

Desiree McCrary, Skilled Nursing Unit Manager

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